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Holistic Healing Palm Beach

Kali Sessions

Many people I work with are moving through the Kali Dance: a time of transformation, dissolution and transition,  when the old self is in the death pangs and new consciousness is quickening. These times are often shrouded in pain, fear, heartbreak and uncertainty. Everything we know falls apart, and the more we wrestle to hold on, the hotter the fires of the Real. The darkness of the spiritual night can be unsettling, and yet it is a necessary time of transfiguration; a time when all our certainties lie shattered before us and the Great Mystery can finally do its work on our souls. It is often a period of spiritual maturation, which reorients us towards our True North. The phoenix emerges from the ashes of the old self. In these times we do not need fixing. We need those who can stand with us in the fire with deep trust.

Feel free to reach out for support.

Holistic Healing Palm Beach
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