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                “Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.”                                  

 ~Kahlil Gibran


These sessions are conceived through a vision of motherhood as a rich ground for the process of awakening and healing and are intended to support women in all stages of this most challenging and awesome journey. These sessions arise of my desire to support fellow mothers with the various holistic healing and mindfulness tools at my disposal, while honoring the rich, challenging  and always revolutionary territory of motherhood, unique for every individual woman.


I am commited to supporting mothers of 'high need' or 'spirited' children, who might be overwhelmed by their experience, and need extra care, reflection and support. If you are a struggling mother and would like healing support but cannot afford a session,  contact me and we will find a happy arrangement.


Vera teaches Transformational Motherhood workshops and encourages a vision of motherhood as spiritual practice.

Transformational Motherhood Sessions

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