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Melissa has always been curious about reality and what is real.  A graduate of the University of Florida, she has been a Seeker After Truth all her life.  Her journey toward understanding reality has lead her from addiction recovery training to her work with non-dual healing. 


Melissa is currently engaged in an ongoing study of non-dual healing with A Society of Souls (ASOS) in Iselin, New Jersey.  This program is based on the study of Kaballah, the Tree of Life, and developing an understanding of ourselves as we seek to awaken to reality in its totality.  Non-dual healing as taught by Jason Shulman at ASOS is a living, breathing system that allows practitioners to work with ourselves, and others, in a deep spiritual way, to awaken, to heal and to begin to see the unity in all of creation.


Melissa also integrates insights from the enneagram in her work, which is an illuminating and dynamic system of personality typology with roots in spiritual and energetic study. This work focuses on patterns of awareness and behavior. The goal of study of the enneagram is not to become better adapted to your unique patterns, your fixation, but to transcend all patterns of personality in an effort to find the truth beyond fixation. The enneagram is an ancient system that has stood the test of time, that dovetails with current personality systems, and continues to illuminate seekers after truth.


She also has been a student of Vedanta, Jungian archetypes, and has participated in numerous enlightenment intensives (EIs) both in Palm Beach County and in Canada.  The goals of those participating in an EI retreat are diverse, and she has found it to be extremely insightful in showing how the mind works, and how, when we are able to clear out the chatter, after serious work, we can begin to approach an understanding of union with the divine.


Integrating these varied spiritual traditions and disciplines, Melissa seeks to assist others to better understand what it means to be whole, and to live a life that is more aware.



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