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 "When the world was born, I came into being. I am the unfading beauty of times to come. In me Grace is at work to divinize the soul. I shall continue to disclose myself to you. I am the Eternal Feminine."
                                                  ~ Pierre Teilhard De Chardin


Deep in my heart I have heard a call of the Divine Feminine reawakening on our planet at this time. I  suspect that if you have been attracted here, you feel it too- She is dancing our souls awake... our collective consciousness is shifting: nature and psyche, sacred and mundane, spiritual and political can no longer remain apart... She is Rising. She cuts through illusion, sings with the voice of your soul, dances new realities into existence. She is calling you by name. What do you long to create? 


Now is the time to listen deeply. Now is the time to give the deepest devotion, the one commitment: commit to your Soul and move where it beckons.


The time for staring at walls is over, this is a new kind of spiritual. From now on aligned engaged, embodied, connected is the only way through.


Right now, rest into Her thousand healing arms exactly as you are and receive her Blessing.





"The repression of the Feminine has led to a planet on the edge of collapse. The re-emergence is going to be a dance to behold."                                     ~Clare Dakin
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