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Women united in close circles can awaken the wisdom in each other’s hearts.”


~ The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

The Women's Temple is a sacred space, a living temple arising wherever women gather to commune, connect, heal and awaken.  Our  bodies are the walls of this sacred temple, our hearts the dwelling place for the divine.  Divine Feminine is no petty concept, it is the living presence of the divine among the mundane, the fully awakened aspect of our very own soul fiercely present within every condition of reality.


No matter how disconnected you might feel, how hurt or separate, the Divine Feminine is always already holding you, inviting you to rest into Her infinite presence exactly as you are.


Vera invites you to come join the Women's Circle and reconnect to this powerful aspect of the Feminine within.


She guides the practice of connecting to the flow of our authentic wisdom through ceremony, embodiment practices, deep sharing, and fierce, unconditional receiving. 

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