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Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Brennan Coaching, Brennan HEaling in Palm Beach

Barbara Brennan Healing and Coaching

Brennan Healing Science 7 levels of the Human Energy Field

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Brennan Healing Sessions

 "The body is a self-healing organism, so it's really about clearing things out of the way

so the body can heal itself."


                                                                           ~ Barbara Ann Brennan


Dr. Mehmet Oz says energy healing is the "next big frontier in medicine," W Magazine proposes energy healing is the new black. Come experience, why people all over the world are swearing by energy medicine with one of the world's most respected healing modalities, Brennan Healing Science®.


Brennan Healing is a sophisticated approach to energy healing taught exclusively at the internationally licensed four-year institute for holistic studies, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.


Brennan Healing Science® was created by Dr. Barbara Brennan, a former NASA physicist, who in her best-selling books Hands of Light and Light Emerging forged a new paradigm in healing based on the Holographic model. A truly holistic modality, Brennan work is concerned with treating the whole person, body, mind, emotions and spirit and touching into the core of the healing process. Brennan healers work in hospital settings throughout the US and research has shown that Brennan work significantly facilitates post-operative healing and recovery. 


In the Brennan model, healing is seen as a multidimensional process, beginning firmly within our own depths. Much as described in Eastern medicine a, Dr. Brennan found that long before showing physical symptoms, every dis-ease begins and can be observed in the person's subtle energy field as an energy block. In practice, she discovered that running energy into the energy blocks helps to facilitate the process of healing and restoration. Brennan practitioners work directly with the Universal Energy Field to charge, clear, balance and re-align the client's entire energy system and unlock our system's own self-healing mechanism.


Ultimately the creation of energy blocks can be traced to the experiences of separation, alienation and disconnection from Self and others. Rather then being a passive party, the client is invited to grow in awareness.  By investigating the content of the block itself, those fears, self-judgments and unhealthy emotional habits that create suffering in our lives, we can begin to challenge our old limiting beliefs, release unhealthy relational patterns and consciously make new choices to inherit the health, happiness and pleasure that are our birthright.

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