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Community Sharing and Integration Session/SoulFest

Sunday, APRIL 18th, 2021.

at 1:00 pm EST/ 10:00 am PST

This is an invitation to a special follow-up community session for the participants of the Solstice and Equinox Retreats ~ part integration session from our previous containers, part community sharing, part soul fest, an opportunity for all of us to meet again, and bask in the Mystery that weaves us.

We will gather Sunday April 18th, on Zoom at 1:00pm EST. Although I will facilitate and set the space with some sharing and meditation, I imagine this as a time for a more intimate collective sharing, a mutual celebration and exploration of what it means to live at the feet of the Mother.


Everything is welcome, our gifts, our grief, our devotion, any and all expression of the holy longing that weaves our pathless path. As always there is no map, whatever needs to come will come. This community is filled with profound wisdom and spiritual gifts, deep presence and astonishing creativity and I am honored to gather together again in a devotional container and share our hearts. I apologize for such a last minute call yet again, but deeply trust the field we have grown together to flower as it needs. 


Our beloved Robin Gorn, will join us again to fill our time together with sacred music and soul. And it is my deep hope that the brilliant poets and teachers and musicians among you consider sharing your holies with us as well. A mini festival of devotion.

This event is free. If you would like to  donate something, you can do so  via the 'donate' link below.


You must register below in order to receive your Zoom link.  

I look forward to being with you all again,

With Love and Always at Her feet,


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