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Tree of Life. Kabbalah Palm Beach

Image © Richard Quinn

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing Sessions

"Ultimately healing involves unlearning the patterns that block our natural openheartedness from shining forth. We don't need help to open our hearts. We need help to get out of our own way."

                                                        ~Jason Shulman


In mystical Kabbalah the Tree of Life represents a blueprint of the Divine, an intricate map of the ultimate healing journey. Non-dual Healing is the process of walking the territory. The invitation of this work is to experience the underlying wholeness within the entire range of human experience from  existential suffering to states of grace alike.


The non-dual attitude is the attitude of unwavering kindness. Kindness towards even the most 'inconvenient' parts of our selves. This attitude facilitates the return to the natural order of things beyond judgment or improvement, allowing us to be fully ourselves from within even the most painful parts of the human condition. This allows for sustained and lasting healing.


A holistic alternative to traditional psychotherapy and an acclaimed healing modality, Nondual Kabbalistic Healing arises from the insight of Jason Shulman, a well known author and teacher of Non-duality. Non-dual healing is a powerful window into the Un-conditioned and a practice of healing our relationship with the incarnational process. The work helps to expand our paradigm beyond the visible world and helps integrate the struggles of being human with our transpersonal nature. Nondual healing sessions facilitate the gradual process of deep personal healing and awakening for the client. 


Working with the original conditions of consciousness underlying the human energy field, this work is said to be among the most direct and powerful spiritual healing modalities available today.  A union of East and West, a tradition infused with wisdom from the Zen and Kabbalistic lineages, Nondual Healing supports the process of awakening to Reality- as-it-is and facilitates the journey into wholeness. If nothing you have tried has brought you lasting wellness, come explore the deep refuge of a Nondual Healing session.

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