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Nondual is the New Black

The time of the New Age woo is over. The Quickening of Spirit is upon us. As the paradigms of the old world lie in ruins before us, and all that is false and superficial within us fights for life as it moves through the death pangs, a new wave of spiritual integration is arising in our collective field. I feel it. We can no longer afford to think happy thoughts, to run from our wounds, to transcend this world in peaceful mountaintops- now is the time to feel the pain, to heal at the core, return to the truth of who we are and come back to the marketplace. From me to we, from ego to eco- it is time to step into the river of the World Soul. To let the waters of consciousness wash us awake to the plight of this world. The New Earth is upon us. We are birthing her together - we are birthing ourselves. And we are in transition now. We all must enter the darkness of the womb- we all must surrender to the flow of labour. It will feel like it will kill us, like the contractions will break us, and they must. Nothing can be left of the old self. This death is our only hope for resurrection. Now is the time to rock our Original Face. To go through the pangs of transfiguration and break open into the heart of Spirit. What are you yearning for? It is your One Choice. As we each step into our calling, begin to dance to the song of our soul- Spirit returns to itself. We awaken as One. One Body. One Heart. Wholeness is the new drug. Healing is the new trend. Nondual is the New Black.

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