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Angels in Aleppo: Heartbreak is the Revolution

The center of the universe just shifted from Standing Rock to Aleppo. Aleppo is the cry of the World Soul. Are we listening? And this child. This child might as well have been the second coming. He shook me for weeks. Whatever messiah we might be awaiting, if she didn't rise in our hearts when we saw Omran wiping his blood off the red chair, how are we to be saved? And the goodbye videos coming out of Aleppo... I mean have you seen them? Is there not a feeling of seeing the earth from the moon for the first time and not being able to shake our palpable interconnectedness? We are not free until we are all free.

What good is personal awakening, personal salvation, personal happiness if this boy is wiping his blood, if our sisters and brothers are saying goodbye. The next revolution on our planet is here and it's heartbreak. Heartbreak is the beginning.

So I can't shake the feeling that something is emerging in Aleppo something so much bigger then we can know. Our brothers and sisters are calling, God is calling, our soul is calling out to us from the wilderness. May all that is holy in us hear. May all the beings from every pure land stirr and return here among the broken. We are them.

Our only hope is to keep wrestling with the Angels and remain dislocated, to keep letting our heart break relentlessly as it will if we are paying attention, to feel the helplessness of it all and not turn away. To become the helpers through the heartbreak. It might just be from the unbearable that the impulse to answer the call will stir. Please, God let it stirr.

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