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The Book of Love

Officially divorced this morning, after a deep and healing Yom Kippur together yesterday and after the most soul stretching, holy, Kali years of burning in truth-fires, shedding old skins and lost dreams and resting low, so low to the ground. Ashes to ashes. Hearts to dust. What a badass journey relationship is. What a bible, each Book of Love. Sitting there in court with my beloved now ex-husband both tears rolling both hearts bowing low to each other and to the path that brought us there and now forth as co-parents and friends. Tender hearted and at peace. Grace and loss so close together today, so close. For all you all who have known us, loved us, who have watched our children grow, our lives mature and supported us through different seasons of life as a couple and then as a family, we thank you and send you our love.

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